Michael Evans Lopez

Height: 5'8”

Weight: 170lbs
Degree: MFA Acting, University of Washington
Location: Los Angeles, CA



5th PASSENGER                                        Supporting                                    Scotty Baker, dir. - Adamant Images                         Independent Feature

THE BOATMAN                                          Supporting                                   Greg Morgan, dir. - Film Punk Films                           Independent Feature


SANTIAGO                                                  Supporting                                   Felix Martinez, dir.                                                         Independent Feature

THE LIVES OF BETTER MEN                     Lead                                              Marc Noda, dir. - Novus Pictures                    ​             Independent Feature


DUST                                                           Supporting                                   Mike Grier, dir. – Ember Lab Productions                  Short

SONG ON CANVAS                                   Eddie                                              Keo Woolford, dir.                                                         Short              


THREE DOORS                                           Lead                                               Jen McGowan, dir.                                                         Short

CATCHER                                                    Supporting                                    Alan Fischer, dir.                                                            USC Grad Short

PENDING                                                   Lead                                                Lu Lu, dir.                                                                        USC Grad Short


JUNK MAIL                                                 Lead                                                Mike Grier, dir.                                                               Chapman Grad Short


PIRATES                                                      Lead                                                Rachel Carey, dir.                                                           NYU Grad Thesis       



A MOTHER KNOWS WORST                                                   Varden                                                                               Lifetime Movie Network

PINK, "RAISE YOUR GLASS", Music Video                            Matador                                                                            Radical Media

THE TONIGHT SHOW                                                              5 Appearences, (Recurring Sketch)                              NBC



CONAN                                                                                      Principal (Sketch)                                                            TBS   

RENO 911!                                                                                Guest Star                                                                        Comedy Central


AMERICA"S MOST WANTED                                                   Guest Star                                                                        Fox



NATIVE GARDENS                                                                      Pablo Del Valle                                                                TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

ASTORIA: PART ONE & TWO                                                    Ta-to-e-bet-se                                                                  Portland Center Stage

TAMING OF THE SHREW                                                           Hortensio                                                                         Off Square Theatre, Jackson, WY                                                  

LOVE & INFORMATION                                                             Ensemble                                                                         Son of Semele Theatre, LA                                                

99 WAYS TO FUCK A SWAN                                                      Dave (Lead)                                                                     The Vagrancy Theatre, LA


THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE                                                    Macedonio "Mace" Guerra (Lead)                              Curious Theatre, Denver

     OF CHAD DEITY                                                                                                                                                              Theatreworks, Colorado Springs  


OEDIPUS THE KING                                                                  Tiresias, Jocasta, The Sheperd                                      Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon, Portland

HAMLET                                                                                      Hamlet                                                                             Shalomar Theatre, New York City

CRISPIN: THE CROSS OF LEAD                                                Father Quinell, John Ball                                               People's Light and Theatre, Philadelphia

HELMET                                                                                      Sal                                                                                     Maryann Lombardi, dir., New York City

THE MYSTERY OF CHUNG LING SOO                                    Chung Ling Soo                                                               Flying Carpet Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland

PHENOMENON                                                                         Michael                                                                             Nerve Ensemble, New York City

SPACEDOME 2121!                                                                    Robot Mayor                                                                   Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, NYC

THE MARK OF CAIN                                                                   Able                                                                                  78th St. Theatre Lab, New York City

NIXONS IN PURGATORY                                                           Richard Nixon                                                                 Mark Gallager, dir., New York City

INSIDE A BIGGER BOX                                                              Darren                                                                              78th St. Theatre Lab, New York City


END OF THE ROPE                                                                    Gugai                                                                                LaMama ETC, New York City

MINNECANOS                                                                            Jimmy                                                                               Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis

LIFE IS A DREAM                                                                        Sigismundo                                                                      Voice and Vision Theatre, New York City


THE THREE SISTERS                                                                  Vershinin                                                                          University of Washington, Seattle

TWELFTH NIGHT                                                                       Orsino                                                                               University of Washington, Seattle


EL PASO BLUE                                                                            Alejandro                                                                         University of Washington, Seattle


COSI                                                                                            Doug                                                                                  University of Washington, Seattle


ALL POWERS NECESSARY                                                        Joey Butterworth                                                             University of Washington, Seattle


LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION!                                               Ramon                                                                               The Actor's Express, Atlanta


THE MISANTHROPE                                                                  Clitandre                                                                           The Actor's Express, Atlanta


STANDUP TRAGEDY                                                                  Lee                                                                                     The Actor's Express, Atlanta                                       




       Acting: Steve Pearson, Mark Jenkins, Robin Hunt, John Jory, Yuri Belov,

       Movement: Stephanie Skura, Bob Davison, Karen Omahen

       Voice: Judith Shawn

CAROL FOX PRESCOTT, Master Teacher and Performance Coach, New York City:

JUDITH WESTON STUDIOS, Film Acting and Scene Study, Los Angeles.

MARGIE HABER STUDIOS, Advanced Film Acting and Audition Technique, Los Angeles.  



UPRIGHT CITIZEN'S BRIGADE THEATRE - "Long-form" Improvisational Comedy Training

       Instructors: Level 1 - George Baedecker, Level 2 & 3 - Michael Delany, Level 4 - Billy Merritt

       ** Former member of the UCB LA Harold Team, Lincoln's Bedroom

THE GROUNDLINGS - Basic Level with instructor Guy Stevenson, passed to Intermediate,

Introduction to Sketch​ - Guy Stevenson  

Special Skills

Swimming, Yoga, Licensed Driver (stick-shift), Valid Passport, comfortable with dogs, Division I collegiate soccer player for Georgia State University.